Brio Gold relies on its local community.

As such we want to ensure we help build vibrant and self-sustaining communities that will continue to prosper long after operations end. Brio promises to enhance the life of its local residents and stakeholders by investing in community programs and continuing to liaise with local groups and charities. Current initiatives such as, the Partnership Seminar program, Citizen Meeting program, and Integration program are ways in which Brio Gold assists the community. 

Partnership Seminar

From health to culture, the Partnership Seminar is multi-fold and aim to improve people’s lives. Implemented in 2007 by Yamana Gold and carried forward by Brio Gold, the program was created primarily to stimulate economic activities in the municipalities where its units and projects are located. In 2013 there was a 17% increase in the number of projects that generate employment and income, compared to 2012. In addition to encouraging entrepreneurship, the initiative supports projects in education, culture, sports, social welfare, health and environment.

Citizen Meetings

At Citizen Meetings, local residents come together to voice concerns or ideas and join in the search for solutions to common issues. Representatives of local institutions join Brio Gold staff to exchange ideas and experiences. Today there are many success stories that can be told, from mere questions answered to changes that have resulted in improvements for the population. The Citizen Meeting program proves that dialogue brings benefits to residents. We believe that both company and community can work together to find a solution that will result in well-being and quality of life for all.

Integration Program

The Integration Program’s goal is to improve the quality of life of local and surrounding communities by providing support in four key areas: health, environment, family and community involvement. The program includes Integration Day at each operation where volunteers, in partnership with local governments and members of the private sector, offer services free of charge including medical exams, environmental education and support completing legal documents.